Mixed Media Canvas Tutorial

“Hello everyone, I am so happy to share with you another project using G45 papers

I created this 3D scene of fish using the voyage beneath the sea deluxe edition. Alteration and creation scenes are my favorite go-to art projects. Let me share with you the steps of creating this 3D scene.

You can also watch the full video tutorial here.

First, I brainstormed different ideas for making the scene, and once I settled on one, I sketched it with some details. To start my scene, I fussy cut some sea creatures from Voyage Beneath the Sea paper pad.

I only used my 12″ pad, if your frame/tray is smaller, You can use an 8” paper pad or your die cuts will be excessively large for your small frame.

Then, I painted the wooden tray using acrylic paints and a round sponge. I started dabbing the paint on all the frames and edges to get cool textures. I measured a clear plastic sheet and cut it to cover the frame/tray Because I always love adding different textures to my projects.

I used a stencil with irredisten paste to make some raised patterns in the background I stacked several die-cuts (that I fussy cut ) to create a unique scene and look of depth.

To give it some unique 3D look, I added some sequins, star confetti, and clear jewels then, I sprayed glue adhesive from above. You see some clusters have been formed and it looks amazing.

I used clear plastic film to seal the frame to be a shaker frame.

Tip: Before gluing any of the embellishments, try arranging and moving them around till you are content with their placement. Take several pictures then begin gluing them.”