How to tell a story using your stamps?

1- Use a stamp that has images more than sentiments

2- Stick to one brand of the stamp so you can find a cohesive relevance between all the images

3- If you want to mix and match between the different brand of stamps, try just to stick to the ratio either is relatively small or big

4- Write or sketch your ideas and

5- Use your decorative dies like tree, cloud, grass because has a huge impact to direct your scene

6-Get inspired by looking at children’s storybooks

I created this page by using Waffle Flower Crafts – Hoppy and Waffle Flower Crafts – Tea Party. The stamps themselves kinda have a story about animals, sweets and a lovely girl pouring tea so how about making a tea party in the jungle ! in the end, if you like the video the same as I did. if you have any questions or suggestion please leave a comment down below.