Art journal

Hello crafty friends,

Today I would like to share with you an art journal I created using a few art supplies !!

Here are the steps 

1- I added different colored washi tap randomly on both pages.

2- I covered the pages with gesso, ( added some water to make light) clear gesso much better to see the designs of the washi tape) 

3- Randomly, I added gelatos from Fabre castle, I added some water to blend it yet you can blend it without water.

4- I added my main focal point picture and it was Jane Davenport collage paper, I choose this girl and adhere it in the middle of my art journal using gel medium.

5- I added some texture to my page using a stencil and Nuvo moose also stamped flower images

6- I highlighted everything using Big brush ben from Faber Castel 

7- Finally, I added my sentiment and it was die cut from the prima notecard.

Here are some close-up pictures 



Happy watching

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