How to plan goals and apply them in a planner

Welcome my dear followers

I would like to share my approach in defining my goals whether it is a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goal

I ask myself first What is the goal I want to accomplish?

Before answering, I have to sub-category  the goal itself

Type I / Goals require a long period of time, such as learning a language, a particular study, or preparing a master’s thesis

Type II / Goals require a short amount of time such as learning a short course such as

Adobe Photoshop / iMovie /

Type III / Acquiring habits such as drinking 8 cups of water, getting up very early, walking half an hour in the early morning and the list goes on

Second question

Why is this goal important?

Knowing the importance of the goal gives us a lot of energy to do the steps to reach the goal and this takes us to the third question

What steps should I do to achieve this goal?

Customize the time of your day for this goal by specifying the time and number of days and also writing what to do. Do I have to buy a book to learn, watch a video tutorial or go to the center. To acquire a habit, you need to set an alarm clock in the mobile phone if you want to be reminded to do something that will take minutes to do.

After completing the answers, write down all the goals you want to achieve and write them in your planner

Remember that if you did not write your goals.. this means you really do not want to do it *